Fully Relying On God

On my right hand, I have a tattoo of a frog holding a pencil. It’s my note to myself: writing is a gift. Therefore, I am Fully Relying On God to write.

One would think that having a frog as a symbol of faith undoubtedly speaks to my love for frogs. No! Over the past couple of days, I have learned to hate frogs. Wait! What? Okay, hate is a strong wrong. Maybe disdain would be a better word.


Shortly after a post office snafu in Wrightwood (PCT mile 368), I set out to climb Mt. Baden-Powell (named after the founder of the World Scouting Movement, Robert Baden-Powell) My love for the Boy Scouts had me psyched. After hiking nearly twelve miles, I discovered the mountain was covered in ice and snow, and a storm was approaching.
Thinking of the Boy Scout slogan “Safety first,” I descended. I took out my maps. I had to take one of three alternative routes, due to an endangered species closure… Frogs!!!!


Truthfully, I was confused by all three choices. I spotted a trail that matched one listed as an alternative. Twenty-two miles later, through a downpour, I made my way back to the PCT. Soaking wet, I had a new, rather huge dislike for frogs.

The following morning I awoke to a rainbow and the sounds of frogs croaking from a distance. I walked twenty-two miles in the freezing rain, and it was all for the frogs. You know what? I would do it again too… via car.

Once I got over the inevitability of my circumstances I learned to embrace every emotion that I felt.


Fully Relying On God


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